Overnight stay included
After landing at Oaxaca’s international airport, you will meet your pre-arranged and secure transport to your Hotel. The hotel is a glimpse into the colorful life in Oaxaca and characteristic of the city’s historic architecture. Feast your eyes on the elaborate culture evident in the rooms, which boast Spanish and Mexican touches. Additionally, each accommodation is fitted with essentials like cable TV and air-conditioning.  Later, immerse yourself in the Oaxaca lifestyle at a Tour Manager’s reception, where delicious specialties will captivate your taste buds
Overnight stay at Hotel, breakfast, and dinner included.
Today, we embark on a vibrant journey, beginning at the bustling local market, a treasure trove where the secrets of the celebration’s cuisine and crafts await discovery. Here, the scents of fresh herbs and spices mingle with the vivid hues of textiles, inviting us into the heart of tradition. 
Our adventure then leads us to the majestic heights of Monte Alban, an ancient city that crowned the hills for over a millennium. As we wander through the silent stones of temples, pyramids, and grand palaces, the echoes of a sophisticated, bygone era whisper of ball games and celestial mysteries. 
As dusk unfurls its canvas, we’ll immerse ourselves in a hands-on cooking class that promises not just a feast for the palate but a tapestry of cultural tales. 
Overnight stay at Hotel, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.
Our journey begins in Ocotlán, where the pulse of the traditional market beats with life, offering a feast for the senses with its myriad of colors, textures, and scents. Here, we’ll also witness the finesse of the renowned black pottery, each piece a whisper of ancestral skill.
As the day unfolds, we’ll find ourselves in Tilcajete, a place where fantasy is carved into reality. The “alebrijes” – mystic figures hewn from wood – stand as guardians of tradition, their intricate forms narrating tales of dreams and folklore. Our path then leads to Jalietza, a haven for artisans whose fingers dance over fabrics, stitching elaborate embroidery that tells stories in vibrant threads.
As twilight paints the sky, a leisurely dinner awaits at a local restaurant, offering a moment to savor the day’s experiences. The night then guides us to a sacred space where the cemetery comes alive with the glow of candles and the fragrance of Marigolds. Here, altars brimming with offerings and graves adorned with intricate decorations invite the spirits home. The streets, too, wear a carpet of colors – Marigolds, sand, and sawdust – a path of beauty welcoming the souls in a timeless celebration
 Overnight stay at Hotel, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.
After breakfast, we’ll visit a must-see for a Day of the Dead Tour, Mitla, an archeological site and “Place of the Dead.” Remarkable architecture and striking grecas still survive from this Mixtec ceremonial center’s construction around 800 A.D. After, we will travel to Teotitlán to visit local weavers as they display their communities’ colorful local weaving traditions.  We will learn about their natural dye techniques used to color these unique tapestries. Then, we will visit a distillery to learn about and sample mezcal, the national “spirit” of Mexico made from blue agave.  You will also enjoy a delicious lunch at the distillery.
Our group will return to Oaxaca by way of Santa María del Tule, location of El Árbol del Tule, This is a legendary 2,00-year-old Montezuma cypress tree has a trunk more than 120 feet in diameter and we can search for images of the elephant, deer, crocodile, fish and other fantastic animals on its twisted trunk. 
Later in the evening, we’ll enjoy a leisurely dinner at a local restaurant before watching the fantastic Day of the Dead masquerade parade in downtown Oaxaca. We will also visit cemeteries to see the elaborately decorated altars with offerings for the dead and colorful carpets of marigolds, sand, and sawdust adorn the streets welcoming the spirits.

breakfast included.

After breakfast at our hotel we will arrange your private transfer to the airport for your flight home.  Or, you can make your own arrangements to stay longer and extend your travels to enjoy more Oaxacan hospitality.